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Saturday 17th June, 12pm - 5.30pm
Team Extreme - Mini Ramp Show
extreme sport + take part
Performing at: 12:15pm, 1.45pm & 3.15pm

Running time:  45 Minutes
Company website:  Team Extreme
With over 25 year in the extreme sport world, team extreme are bringing you the best in the UK for a Mini Ramp Show.
You will get to see amazing tricks from highly skilled riders on a 6ft ramp not only that but you will also have a chance to ride the ramp and get advice from the pro riders.
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Pink Zone
The Paper Birds - Mobile
Performing at: 1.00pm, 2.30pm, 4.00pm & 4.45pm
Running time: 40 Minutes
Company website:  Paper Birds
We are taught from a young age to aim high, to reach for the stars, to want more... 
Mobile is The Paper Birds’ second show in a trilogy about class in modern Britain. An intimate 40-minute theatre show set in a caravan, based on interviews conducted in communities across the UK, exploring our sense of home, belonging, aspiration, and the realities of social mobility.
Powerful true stories and dreams for the future are revealed through video projection, recorded interviews, original music and interactions with a performer.
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Yellow Zone
Lori Hopkins - The Explorer
family puppetry
Performing at: 12.15pm, 2.15pm, 3.15pm & 4.15pm
Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website: Lori Hopkins

​​An unexpected crash-landing on an unusual island and a whole host of surprises.... will the Explorer ever get back home?

This one woman puppet show is suitable for family audiences.
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Lime Zone
Stopgap Troop presents The Far Side of The Moon
A small community live on the far side of the moon, they are happy in their isolation and routines. All except one.

She longs to know what is out there beyond the stars; to explore further afield, but is she daring enough when it is easier to stay with what she knows.

Performing at:‹ 1.00pm, 1.45pm, 3.30pm

Running time: 10 Minutes
Company website: Stopgap Dance
Lime Zone
Blue Zone
Orange Zone
Pif Paf - SEED
A wild Rock and Roll journey into nature fighting back.

SEED is a surprising and inspiring hitch-hike on the journey from small acorns to great oaks with a Rockabilly Tree-Planting Anarcho-Nomad.

Join Wilford planting trees where he shouldn’t - living in his shed and on the run from his past and his arch-enemies, the Robot Slug Police, who are out to get him for his contraband seeds.
Performing at: 12.45pm & 4.00pm

Running time: 35 Minutes
Company website:   Pif Paf

Purple Zone
Ceyda Tanc Dance
British-Turkish choreographer, Ceyda Tanc, creates contemporary dance work influenced by the traditional dances of her heritage. Utilising virtuoso movements of the male Turkish dancers, a unique movement vocabulary is created, which conveys striking shapes, and an emotive and sensual energy.

This exciting intergenerational performance challenges audience perceptions of dance and age; exploring ritualistic ceremonies from Folk culture. This work has been reworked on The Points dance companies, Retrospectif and Hampshire Youth Dance Company.
Performing at: 2.30pm & 4.15pm
Running time: 15 Minutes
Company website:  Ceyda Tanc Dance
Commissioned by Brighton Dome
Purple Zone
Orange Zone
Jessica Baker - The Land Girls
The Land Girls are an all female dance company consisting of current and graduate students from the University of Winchester.

Aiming to experiment with the relationship between nature and people, earth and body, please join the Land Girls in this improvisational work. 
Performing at: 12.15pm, 2.15pm, 3.30pm
Running time: 10 Minutes
Company website:  The Land Girls

Blue Zone
Red Zone
Purple Zone
Talking Birds presents The Oakmobile
children's theatre
Oakmobile is a magical, mobile micro-theatre. On the outside a gleaming aluminium acorn shell, sprouting a metropolis of roofs, chimneys and castellations.

And, surprisingly, inside a peaceful forest glade: full of the sights, smells and sounds of nature.

Performing between: 12.15-3.00pm & 3.45-5.30pm
Running time: 5 Minutes
Company website: Talking Birds

White Zone
Rebecca Tantony presents
All the Journeys I Never Took
immersive theatre
Performing at:‹ 12.30pm, 1.15pm, 2.00pm, 2.45pm, 3.30pm 4.15pm  & 5.00pm
Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website:  Rebecca Tantony

In a secret location in the heart of the town, this is an immersive spoken word show, for one or two audience members at a time.

With the cityscape framed, the audience
become a voyeur to the bustle around. Here
we take the time to be, to listen, to let our
senses roam. A personal story emerges. A story that explores what it is like to leave behind the middle man – lover, father, priest – & discover our place in the world.


Navy Street
Circo Rum Ba Ba presents Bicycle Bistro
Two eccentric moustachioed waiters arrive in style on their bistro on wheels. They lay the table, wind up the gramophone and unleash a choreographed 40 minutes of cafe mayhem.

Vaudeville hat juggling, spinning plates, tea dancing, acrobatics, musical saw playing and a marvellous table cloth trick to delight an increasingly moustachioed audience.

You may even get a cup of tea...

Performing at:‹ 12.15pm & 3.45pm

Running time: 45 Minutes
Company website: Circus Rum Ba Ba
Red Zone
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Motionhouse presents Captive
Four dancers perform this exciting fusion of dance, acrobatics and aerial work inside a large cage.

Inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem The Panther, this edge-of-your-seat, 28-minute performance, explores themes of captivity.

Trapped, disorientated and shaken, the performers use their skill and instinct to survive in an emotionally charged environment.

Performing at: 1.00pm & 4.45pm
Running time: 45 Minutes
Company website: Motionhouse
Image credit: Andy Grey
Red Zone
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Glasshouse Dance presents Us
A surreal and comic dance theatre performance for the street.

Us is a re-telling of the classic 'boy-meets-girl'. 

The boy, Luke, is a notoriously flirtatious, young at heart, Luke Skywalker wannabe, but it's complicated. The girl, KJ, is attention seeking, a helpless romantic, and has a love for the music of Kate Bush.

Luke and KJ meet on a very ordinary day, but their meeting is anything but...

Performing at:‹ 1.45pm & 2.45pm

Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website: Glasshouse Dance
Red Zone
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Next Step Dance presents Up Mixed
An exciting reworking of the last five Next Step dance pieces performed by the company over the last 2 years. Up Mixed revisits and celebrates the dancer’s favourite sections of each dance piece.

This performance also focuses on transitions between the different sections with new music and dynamics to make Up Mixed a performance piece in its own right.
Performing at: 3.15pm
Running time: 30 minutes‹

Company website: The Point
Blue Zone
The Point Dance Showcase
Making its way to the outdoor Dancing Garden, get set for a fabulous display of dance that spans generations in The Point Dance Showcase.

Featuring The Point Youth Dance Company, Hampshire Youth Dance Company, Rectrospectif, and invited guests, in a celebration of high quality dance.

Performing at: ‹1pm
Running time: 60 minutes

Company website:  The Point

Green Zone
Dance-a-thon Fundraiser
Hampshire Youth Company need your help to get to the U.Dance National Platform!

They will be taking part in a non-stop Dance-a-thon to raise money for their upcoming trip in July. The company will be performing all afternoon for your delight.

Why not pick a song for them to dance to, join in with them or simply cheer them on from the comfort of your deck chair!
Performing at: 2.30pm
Running time: 180 Minutes
Company website: The Point
Green Zone
Batala Portsmouth
drumming and dance flash mob
This year Samba-Reggae drumming group Batala Portsmouth kick off the festival with a bang!

Don't forget you can dance along to the infectious beats of Batala and join in our flash mob - learn the moves here! 

Performing at: 12.00pm
Running time: 15 Minutes
Company website: Batala Portsmouth

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Theatre Re presents Magic
magic and mime
Look out for Point Associate Artists Theatre Re who take to the streets, wowing passers-by to their unqiue magic and mime tricks.
Performing at: 12.15pm, 1.45pm, 3.00pm
& 4.15pm
Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website: Theatre Re

Image credit: Lea Tirabasso

Kazzum presents The Merry Maker​
walkabout rap and spoken word
Nothing makes you merrier than a one-minute rap on a three wheeled trike…

Led by emerging spoken word artist Arji Manuelpillai, this very merry rapper entertains and interacts with unsuspecting passers-by as he regales them with a personal rap, on the spot!

He brings smiles for free, making the ordinary extraordinary as he freestyles about their surroundings, the people they are with, the tree they are sat next to or the food they eat!
Performing at: 12.45pm, 2.15pm, 3.30pm & 4.45pm
Running time: 45 Minutes
Company website: Kazzum

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steel drums band
The band formed in 2007 when they were invited to play at an international music festival in Poland. Since then they have gone from strength the strength and over the past ten years more than 70 students have become members of the band. Currently, the band is 25 strong and ranges in age from 13-24 years.

Panatical perform at various festivals and gigs throughout the year and their repertoire ranges from classic calypso, soca, reggae and ska, to more contemporary pop, R&B and even some classical music.

Performing at: 1pm, 3pm & 4pm
Running time: 30 Minutes

Company website:  Panatical Steel Band
Grey Zone
Street to the Point
street theatre
Returning with their unique and innovative style, Street to the Point bring a selection of newly crafted roaming pieces to keep you
entertained throughout the day. 

Performing at: 12.15pm & 2pm
Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website:  Street to the Point
Orange Zone
Grey Zone
Top Banana Circus
Join Top Banana Circus and try a whole variety of circus skills.
Learn juggling, diabolo, flower-sticks, plate spinning, poi, hula-hoop, and test your balance on the tightwire, stilts or walking globe. The Top Banana Assistants will be on hand to get you started, demonstrate equipment and help you learn something new.
Performing at: 12pm - 3pm
Running time: 180 Minutes
Company website: Top Banana Circus

Image Credit: Phelim Rowland
Orange Zone
Acrojou presents Vessel
physical theatre/circus
What is a life well lived? What about the things you meant to do one day?

An emotive tale to inspire and uplift, Vessel looks through the lens of death at how to best make use of the phenomenon we call life. How to remember to remember what matters, as we navigate our fast and overwhelmingly complex lives…

An athletic fusion of acrobatics and physical theatre laced with melancholic humour, interactive humour, visual poetry and video projected onto water.

Performing at: 9.00pm
Running time: 50 Minutes
Company website: Acrojou

Image Credit: Dan Lowenstein

Tickets: £5 / Two for £8
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The Point's Dancing Garden
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