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Human Zoo (C) Richard Gray

A reflection on 2020

Eastleigh Unwrapped sits at the heart of The Point Eastleigh's Summer Social - connecting the residents of Eastleigh and beyond with the best outdoor artists from the UK and further afield.

Our programme is made to move you and this is impossible without artists. Whilst we sadly had to cancel our 2020 Festival, with the invaluable support of Arts Council England we financially supported the artists and companies who would have presented their work. Join us to through this website and our social media channels to celebrate them with us.

#EastleighPoets Community Poem

External Shot of The Point

Ghost River present #EastleighPoets Community Poem


What does living in Eastleigh mean to you?

Poets Ghost River are building a Community Poem about Eastleigh, using thoughts shared by Eastleigh Residents throughout the end of June. Residents took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #EastleighPoets to share with us a sentence about life in Eastleigh – funny observations, happy memories and more.

Ghost River will combine all these ideas together in one big Community Poem to share and we look forward to sharing it with you soon.



The UPGTeam

Human Zoo (C) Richard Gray

The UPGTeam presents Zoo Humans film


The UPGTeam were due to bring their breathtaking parkour show ZOO HUMANS to Eastleigh Unwrapped. The show brings Sir David Attenborough’s smooth narrative to a Kafka-esque reality in which a group of humans have forgotten how to move. As they slowly become aware of the artificial world in which they’re living, they must decide if they’ll chose to risk their comfort for freedom beyond the confines of a cage…we're thrilled to bring you Zoo Humans as a full film, packed with performance-parkour!


Learn the tricks!

You've watched the film, now you can learn from the experts in their video acro challenge which we shared on our Facebook page over five days at the end of June. Check it out now on our Facebook page 


Circo Rum Ba Ba


Circo Rum Ba Ba present Musical Saw skills


Circo Rum Ba Ba were due to present The Crow House - a choreographed frenzy of acrobatics, silks trapeze, hat juggling and slapstick in which three very different characters begin to accept each other and work to create a home, together, within the battered house. The only remaining problem … the furious bird in the chimney. 

This exuberant troupe of all women performers bring extraordinary spectacle and performance into unconventional settings where it is least expected. We had hoped they’d be entertaining you on Eastleigh’s streets but instead they have put together a very special Remixed musical saw tutorial!

Head to our Facebook page for their guide to learning how to play the musical saw, using a tool box saw and a bow made from a stick and string. These saws can usually achieve one and a half octaves so Circo Rum Ba Ba can teach you a simple tune too!


The Flying Buttresses

Flying Buttresses Hodman Dodmanott And Sally Forth

The Flying Buttresses present The Anti-Procrastination Workstation

Street Theatre

The Flying Buttresses were all set to bring Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth, two tiny adventurers from the country of Oblivia to Eastleigh this summer for Eastleigh Unwrapped. With a lot on their minds and even more on their backs, these elderly amblers were set out to discover the modern world, meet strange and exciting new people, and search for a decent place to camp. 

Too much clutter in your workshop? Desk overflowing with unfinished business? Luckily, The Flying Buttresses have invented a neat way to increase your productivity with their handy, self-tidying table that forces you to finish your projects in a timely fashion. Introducing... The Anti-Procrastination Workstation! 

Watch on our Facebook page!


Dizzy O’Dare


Dizzy O’Dare presents The Giant Balloon Show

Family Theatre

The fabulous Dizzy O'Dare were due to bring The Giant Balloon Show to the heart of Eastleigh.

Circus supremos Alana and Mike first performed in Eastleigh 10 years ago at Emerge and we were really looking forward to welcoming them back with the award-winning Giant Balloon Show.

Join them on our Facebook page as they reminisce on their career highlights so far and look ahead to what's next for the company.


Ghost River

Eastleigh Poetry Trail Map

Ghost River present Eastleigh
Poetry Trail


This year, we were ready to take you on a journey with local poetry collective Ghost River would like to invite you on a ‘journey’ to explore the unknown history of Eastleigh, by joining them on their Poetry Trail!

The poets of Ghost River have been researching Eastleigh’s history, and  crafted poems about these little known stories that they delivered from their homes live on Saturday 27th June. Since we can’t visit these places together, allow this group to weave you a tale that transports you across our much loved town.

Tune in at The Point’s Instagram 


Lîla Dance

Lila Dance 253

Lîla Dance presents My Bit


The Point's @HOME artists Lila Dance were going to introduce us to Michael and Luca. Luca is Italian and a self proclaimed citizen of the world. Michael is British and his Mum loves her garden. 

Filmed in The Point's Creation Space, Lila Dance presented a sneak peek into the work in progress of their new show, My Bit on our Facebook page. Created from interviews with the public, My Bit uses global stories to help us imagine what it's like to live in someone else's shoes and to build a better bit for us all. 


The Fairly Famous Family


The Fairly Famous Family present The Barn Dance

Family Dance

Time to get your dancing shoes on as The Fairly Famous Family teach us all a super simple barn dance that we can join in with from home! If you can't quite master it, why not be like Kate the lodger and grab a tambourine or anything that could be a percussion instrument and keep the beat going.

Check it out on our Facebook page


Levantes Dance


Levantes Dance presents The Band

Aerial dance

Levantes Dance were due to present The Band, introducing us to Sandy & Bruno who formed a band in the 70s and became an overnight sensation.

They are now set to take us behind the scenes with Sandy and Bruno of The Band, their captivating 70s-inspired outdoor duet with stunning aerial elements developed in collaboration with Ockham's Razor.

Make sure you watch until the very end on our Facebook page, there's a special surprise in this one...


We need you

Eastleigh Unwrapped is produced by The Point, Eastleigh with generous funding support from Eastleigh Borough Council and Arts Council England. Thanks to this support we have managed to keep the festival free - but we need your help to continue bringing world-class outdoor contemporary performance to Eastleigh.


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The Point, Eastleigh

Based in the centre of Eastleigh, The Point is a regional powerhouse for contemporary dance, aerial and circus, theatre and combined arts.

The Point curates both Eastleigh Unwrapped and Eastleigh Film Festival each year.

We specialise in programming risk-taking contemporary performance. Our programme of professional dance, theatre, comedy and film attracts the very best British and international artists to the region.

Owned and managed by Eastleigh Borough Council, The Point became one of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisations in April 2015.

The Point
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The Point's Creation Space

In 2009 The Point opened the first UK fully residential Creation Space – a state-of-the-art double-height light filled rehearsal studio with accommodation attached, allowing artists 24 hour access to the rehearsal room.

Four bedrooms house up to 11 artists, with the ground floor bedroom fully accessible.

This world-class facility has supported the development of work by companies including Gecko, Akram Khan, Ballet Boyz, Charlotte Vincent, Ben Wright, Fevered Sleep, Gravity & Levity and Pirates of the Carabina.

Creation Space

The Berry Theatre

The Point's sister venue The Berry Theatre is based in Hedge End, Hampshire.

We hand-pick the very best productions from across the UK, bringing to your doorstep wonderful tales that you know, as well as some you don’t. We specialise in presenting inspirational work for children and families alongside a programme of theatre, comedy, music and film.

We love welcoming new audiences and introducing families to theatre for the first time.

The Berry Theatre
Berry Foyer

Eastleigh Film Festival

Every September The Point presents the week-long Eastleigh Film Festival. With one-off, bespoke cinematic experiences and classic films in unusual places across the Borough of Eastleigh, Eastleigh Film Festival puts the excitement back into the movies.

Eastleigh Film Festival
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