Show Information
Saturday 22nd June, 11.30am - 5.30pm

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Highly Sprung: Roots
physical theatre
A lost soul lives in a tree. In its branches they feel safe. But now someone else wants to live in the tree too.

They feel threatened and vulnerable. Can they live in harmony with a stranger? Or is there something even more scary lurking amongst the branches…?

Set entirely in a six metre tree-like structure designed by Entify, Roots is a highly energetic and interactive piece. In their distinctive style, Highly Sprung performers move effortlessly in an around the tree structure using bungee aerial movement and dance. Creating an intriguing, entertaining and visually stunning experience for all the family.

Roots is a story with humanity at its heart, inviting audiences to consider how, when we embrace difference, we build positive and powerful communities that create a better future for us all.

Performing at: 11.30am & 2pm

Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website: Highly Sprung
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Grey Zone​​

Please note this is a promenade piece - it will begin in the Red Zone and the audience are invited to follow the action across the park.​​

Folk Dance Remixed: Step Hop House
interactive dance
A fresh, quirky, colourful and magical collision of traditional and Hip Hop dance and music, all developed into a high-energy, theatrical 30 minute professional performance offering a unique remix of Maypole, Clogging, Ceilidh, Street, House and Breakdance with a hint of African & Bollywood… to a live soundtrack of fiddle, banjo, percussion & beat boxing.

Performed by a diverse cast of 8 dancers and 4 musicians – this is Folk and Street Dance like you’ve never seen it before!

Workshop - Street Dance The Maypole: adult and child participants of all ages have the chance to leanrn a maypole dance with a twist.

Performing at: 12.15pm & 3.30pm
 Running time: 30 Minutes

Maypole workshop: 1.30pm
Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website:  Folk Dance Remixed

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Navy Zone​​​​
Ramshacklicious: The Band At The End Of The World
Arriving in a cloud of raucous brass heavy music, driving their home made, water spurting, flaming and smoking battle contraption. Existing within their very own miniature apocalyptic microclimate.

Once they were ordinary citizens, just like all of you, happy and content with their lot. Until they started to notice the signs, saw the light and formed the Swindon division of the Aurora Storm Brigade.

These idiots are convinced that the inventible end of the world is upon us, maybe today, maybe right here, maybe right now!

There mission? To educate you as to what to expect when we move into the next phase, the switch over into the new dawn and into the next frequency of consciousness. Oh, and to elect a new local area leader.
Performing at: 4.30pm
Running time: 45 Minutes
Company website:  Ramshacklicious

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Purple Zone​​
Circus Geeks: Project_Vee
Roulette wheel meets juggling: danger, skill and unpredictable moments.

Project_Vee is a nod to a Soviet era circus act, remixed for the 21st century. Steel, concrete and motors meet in an unlikely way; Project_Vee takes juggling in a different dimension. 

Performing at: 12.45pm & 2.45pm

Running time: 25 Minutes
Company website:   Circus Geeks

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Lime Zone​​
Commotion Dance: Will and When
family dance
Join two very different characters on a messy movement adventure to discover why it’s important to help things grow.

Wilhelmina (Will) loves to grow things but doesn’t quite know how. She’s willing to do anything to make sure her plants are safe and happy. Wendy (When) just doesn’t have the time to help. She is impatient and finds the garden dull and boring.

Will and When need the support of the audience to make sure they can make their garden grow, and so they can learn to appreciate their environment. With an original sound score, dazzling dance and old fashioned humour the audience will enjoy a fun and lively interactive performance.

Performing at: 12pm & 1.30pm

Running time:  25 Minutes
Company website:  Commotion Dance
Yellow Zone​​​​
Pif-Paf: The Flycycle
children's theatre
Come away with us on a journey of your wildest dreams, aboard our famous traveling machine The Flycycle!  

Choose a travelling companion, find the Departure Lounge and we'll take care of the rest. We take two at a time and dress you in hats sublime. With Captain Bigshot, you'll fly up up and away, crossing continents in turbulent adventures.

As you fly to dizzy heights Captain Bigshot’s stories of travel and knowledge of geography will amaze you, be prepared for the occasional pocket of turbulence and enjoy the ride of your life in this flight of fancy for two!
Performing at: 11.45am, 1.15pm & 4pm
Running time: 45 Minutes
Company website: Pif-Paf
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Yellow Zone​​​​

Please note this performance will begin in Yellow Zone and then will promenade around the park.

Point Dance Showcase
​​A highlight of every festival year, we're thrilled to present The Point Dance Companies as they showcase repertoire they've been working on throughout the year. Featuring pieces by Point Youth Dance Company, Retrospectif, Orb Male Dance Company, Hampshire Youth Dance Company and Next Step, this is certainly an event not to missed!
Performing at:  3.15pm
Running time: 1 Hour 
Company website:  The Point

Red Zone
Strong Lady
street theatre
The world of the Strong Lady is filled with dazzling contrasts: muscle and grace, beauty and brute strength, lifting the hearts of the audience and… well… lifting the audience!

A genuine strong woman, Betty Brawn presents an exhilarating array of demonstrations of strength: she tears thick books in half with her bare hands, twists solid metal, snaps steel chains and shatters gender cliches as she performs the Human Carousel – carrying the weight of two gigantic men from the crowd.

The Strong Lady breaks things, lifts people and makes you laugh – and does it all in a ladylike way. You will walk away smiling from this wholehearted celebration of femininity and strength.
Performing at: 2.15pm & 4.15pm
Running time: 25 Minutes
Company website: Strong Lady Productions

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Red Zone
Variety Stage
community performance
For the first time this year the festival will include the Variety Stage.

The Variety Stage will be a specific area of the park dedicated to celebrating the magnificent youth and community performing arts groups that take place within the borough and wider county.

We are looking forward to welcoming and showcasing an eclectic mix of performances for audiences to enjoy.
Performing at: 12.30pm
Running time: 75 Minutes
Pink Zone
Street to The Point
street theatre
​​ ​​Returning with their unique and innovative style, Street to the Point bring a selection of newly crafted roaming, interactive pieces to keep you entertained throughout the day. 
This year you can expect to see Fab News: Fed up of fake news?  Bulletins giving you the blues?  Fab News is the news station for you! Broadcasting the happiest news on the street directly from the people that matter—you, the audience; The 'Experts': Strap yourselves in for a whistle stop journey through a collection of pivotal days in history that you definitely won’t be able to find in the books; Band: rock up and watch this comic group of musical misfits perform someone else’s smash hits for your amusement and delight; and Woodland Wisdom: a group of furry friends assemble in a clearing as they wonder why all the trees are disappearing. Join Otter, Fox, Hedgehog and Snake and help them to decide what to do to save their home.  
Performing at: 2.15pm & 3.15pm
Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website:  Street to the Point

Pink Zone
Purple Zone​​
Badoosh: Infiltration
aerial-combat / circus-theatre
Rival teams of international secret agents use gravity defying stunts, battling to control vital secrets to give their nation the lead in the space race.

Set over the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, Infiltration highlights the cyclical nature, futility of conflict and the endless repetition of The Cold War.

Inspired by fast-paced action films, 60s spy shows and the early Bond films. The show draws on Jackie Chan’s signature use of brooms, ladders and other objects as weapons, with innovative wirework, stunning movement and comedic combat.

It’s a witty, dynamic, high-tempo production with exciting aerial feats in an all-live, action packed experience.

Performing at: 3pm
Running time: 40 Minutes
Company website:  Badoosh

Pink Zone
Safetycatch Theatre: Doctor Doctor!!
family theatre
Doctor! Doctor!! is a knock-about, laugh-til-it-hurts outdoor comedy for family audiences, rewriting the rulebook on our relationshop with doctors, nurses, ambulances, medicine, and all that's left of our beloved NHS.

Laughter may well soon be the best and only 'free at the point of delivery' medicine we have.
Performing between: 12.45pm & 2.30pm
Running time: 45 Minutes
Company website:  Safetycatch Theatre

White Zone​
Top Banana Circus
Join Top Banana Circus and try a whole variety of circus skills.
Learn juggling, diabolo, flower-sticks, plate spinning, poi, hula-hoop, and test your balance on the tightwire, stilts or walking globe. The Top Banana Assistants will be on hand to get you started, demonstrate equipment and help you learn something new.
Performing at: 12.45pm - 4pm
Running time: 3 Hours 15 Minutes
Company website: Top Banana Circus

Orange Zone
Band and Acoustic Duo Set - acts tbc
live music
Kick back and relax with a refreshing drink at our outdoor pop-up bar. Pull up a deck chair, soak up the sun and enjoy a line-up of local bands on the garden stage.

This will kick off The Point's six-week Summer Social season of music, with a programme of DJs and live bands on Thursday & Friday evenings.

Acts to be announced shortly.

Performing at: 1.00pm
Running time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Green Zone
Rotozaza: Etiquette
interactive theatre
Etiquette is a half-hour experience for
two people in a public space. There is
no-one watching - other people in the
area are not aware of it.

You wear headphones which tell you what to say to each other, or to use one of the
objects positioned to the side. There is
a kind of magic involved - for it to work
you just need to listen and respond
accordingly. Etiquette offers the fantasy of speaking with someone without having to plan what you say, and the resulting thrill of disowning responsibility in a performance situation. 
Performing at: 11.30am - 5.30pm
Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website:  Rotozaza

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Green Zone
Anna Carr: Memory Jam with Grandad and Nan
interactive theatre
Roll up to the Bandstand and join Point Asssociate Artist Anna Carr for an assortment of fun activities to celebrate our quirky grandparents.

Hang up a picture or a memory on a washing line. Dress up like your nan. Draw each other. Go home with a home-grown cabbage.

This performance is suitable for all ages.

Performing at: 12.00 - 4.00pm
Running time: 4 Hours

Levantes Dance Theatre: Canapé Art
interactive / walkabout theatre
Join this delightful duo as they perform a culinary creation with a twist!

The twin pair, who dress to impress, will sit you down and create unique, never to be seen again edible tattoos on your hands.

This piece is perfect for curious adults and inquisitive tots. Expect bright sugar icing, marshmallows, edible beads and of course a lot of glitter!
Performing at: 12.30pm & 2.30pm
Running time: 45 Minutes
Company website:  Levantes Dance Theatre

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Walkabout Artist​​